Innovative Alliance: Techrupt Innovations and Karen Franciosa Collaborate

Techrupt Innovations, a leading Influencer Venture Studio, proudly announces a dynamic new partnership with esteemed life coach and positive parenting educator, Karen Franciosa. This collaboration represents a significant advancement for Techrupt in the personal development and parenting arenas. Karen’s extensive expertise, combined with her vibrant online presence, is poised to bring innovative initiatives and valuable […]

Strategic Partnership: Techrupt Innovations and Diane Winston Join Forces

Techrupt Innovations, a premier Influencer Venture Studio, has unveiled an exciting new partnership with influential real estate mogul and content creator, Diane Winston. This collaboration signifies a major step forward for Techrupt in the real estate and entertainment sectors. Diane’s impressive background, combined with her engaging online presence, is set to bring innovative projects and […]

Collaboration Alert: Techrupt Innovations and Rachel Ushitel Team Up

Techrupt Innovations, a world-class Influencer Venture Studio, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with dynamic influencer and American presenter Rachel Uchitel. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in Techrupt’s expansion within the entertainment and podcasting industry. With Rachel’s extensive experience, vibrant personality, and influential platform, this collaboration promises to bring fresh perspectives and exciting opportunities. Techrupt […]